Gallavant123 is both a VS poster and a furfeg. He/she/it is one of the biggest supporters of the Godzillaverse at Moviecodec's Lounge VS section, but Gallavant occasionally posts about other verses such as Gurren Lagann and verses in the HST as well.

During the years of 2009-2011, Gallavant trolled the living hell out of Halo Custom Edition with his friend, St. Overcome, under the Xfire clan he created known then as HCER (Halo Custom Edition Revival).

"I would not be surprised if he is still modding Halo CE, because every time he would log in to Steam after a year or more, that's exactly what he'd be doing. He's the Eternal Troll," - St. Overcome, circa 2017.

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Nardo Forums

During late 2013, In response to pixel scaling "calculations" from Narutoforum members such as Fluttershy, Gallavant created numerous counter pixel scaling blogs like this one in an attempt to convince the calcers to lower their scalings, with little success, due to most of Gallavant's early "calculations" being scaled incorrectly.

Gallavant is also known for frequently complaining about the OBD at The Lounge forum.



A Geecku GIF created by Gallavant

In early-mid 2014, Gallavant revealed it's furfeg alt The Lounging Dillo and started using furfeg avatars/signatures, openly showing that it was a member of the Furfeg Fandom.

The Lounging Dillo was originally called The Rolling Dillo. Gallavant used it for impersonating the furfeg artist known as Chalodillo. This impersonation was convincing enough to cause the Lounge forum member Mr. Infinity to send a question to the actual artist's Tumblr.

Most recently, Gallavant has shown in his/her/it's art thread that it is actually capable of drawing in an art style similar to the artist it was previously impersonating, although it does not appear that Gallavant currently has any completed furfeg artwork.


In addition to being a potential furfeg artist, Gallavant has attempted to modify several video games, such as the original Halo, creating dozens of videos about it on it's Youtube channel and a thread about it on the Lounge.

Halo H.L.B

Halo H.L.B. Mod Danger Canyon progress video (no download)

Ghaylo Looks Better


It was revealed in this thread that Kimberly may actually be Gallavant's real name.


Gallavant is known to have multiple alternate accounts at the Lounge, such as Super Susanoo Mode Sasuke, Chris Handsome's waifu, and The Lounging Dillo. There are likely many more that remain either unconfirmed or undiscovered. These alts seem to be used by Gallavant for either trolling, furfeggotry, or talking to itself.


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